5 Times the Biden Administration Lied About the Migrant Crisis

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

If the Biden administration were a person, its nose would be about as long as the Grand Canyon is deep, and its pants would resemble a California wildfire. This is especially true when it concerns the migrant crisis that has been ongoing since shortly after President Joe Biden took office. In fact, the White House has attempted to deceive the American public on the issue on so many occasions it could prompt one to wonder whether they intend to lie their way through this entire process.

Let’s start with the administration’s first contention that the situation at the border is not a crisis. This was a lie the White House continued to perpetuate for as long as it possibly could. Over and over again, the administration encouraged Americans to not believe their lying eyes when it was blatantly apparent that the circumstances at the southern border were much more severe than Biden and Press Secretary Jen Psaki were letting on.

In press briefing after press briefing, Biden, Psaki, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeatedly downplayed the issue, refusing to refer to it as a crisis. The situation became so absurd that even Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema called them out.

Next, we have the argument that this particular migrant dilemma isn’t out of the ordinary because these situations seem to arise every year. This lie was repeated just a couple of days ago when Mayorkas addressed reporters during a press briefing in Brownsville, TX. After explaining that border authorities are “encountering an unprecedented number of migrants” at the southern border, he attempted to downplay the matter.

He said:

We have seen the surges in migration before. We’ve seen them in the past, and migration surges are not new.

However, it was later revealed that perhaps Mayorkas himself does not believe the “it’s not a big deal” line. In a leaked audio clip, he can be heard saying the border crisis is “unsustainable” and that “these numbers cannot continue.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

Over the past decade, about 30,000 to 50,000 people have historically been encountered at the border every month. The last time that many people were seen on the border was March 2000, according to federal data.

Encounters stood at 74,000 in December 2020, weeks before Biden took office. They surpassed 172,000 in March and 178,000 in April as Biden eased border policies. Border Patrol made 180,000 encounters in June and 188,000 in July.

Of course, Mayorkas and the rest of the Biden administration are counting on the American public to not do the five minutes of Googling which would easily reveal its assertion on migration is a bald-faced lie. The Examiner also stated:

Under the Biden administration, most families and all children who are from countries other than Mexico are released into the United States and will avoid court proceedings for years due to a backlog of cases that exceeds 1 million.

This leads us to the next lie: The notion that Biden’s policies and rhetoric did not create this current crisis. This particular falsehood is instructive in that it shows the administration is willing to tell a lie that is blatantly deceptive on its face. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see the administration’s posture on immigration attracted migrants from south of the border and other areas of the world.

In March, President Biden repeated the lie about migrant crises being a normal occurrence and insisted his policies were not responsible for the current situation at the border. With help from media activists like Yamiche Alcindor, the White House has floated the lie that the president’s approach to immigration did not motivate people to make the trek to the southern border.

The Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lowe wrote an op-ed arguing it was the reversal of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies that prompted these individuals to attempt to gain entry into the United States legally and illegally. She wrote:

Trump brokered safe-third-country deals with the three Northern Triangle nations that export the majority of migrants who come to our border. In accordance with the international law enacted by the European Union and South Africa, safe-third-country deals ensured that a legitimate refugee, say, an ethnic Mayan fleeing Guatemalan genocide, would have to apply for asylum in the first safe country he or she reaches; heading north, that would be Mexico, not the United States.

Lowe noted the president “ripped up those agreements” and ended the “Remain in Mexico Policy,” which required those seeking asylum to be housed in Mexico while waiting for their cases to be adjudicated, thereby lessening the load on Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The author rightly points out that the White House essential “gave Guatemalan, Honduran, and Salvadorean parents the green light to ship their children up to America, stuffing our facilities past capacity during a pandemic.”

I wrote a piece detailing how the surge at the border has allowed Mexican drug cartels to increase activity in the region. While discussing the matter with The Texan, a former CBP investigator spoke with some of the individuals who illegally entered the United States and noted that these folks would “flat out tell you” the reason they took the trip to the border is because of the new president.

It became even more apparent that Biden’s stance on immigration was pushing migrants to come to the U.S. when large crowds of individuals came to the border wearing T-Shirts which read: “Biden Please Let Us In.”

To put it simply, in his zeal to be the anti-Trump, Biden has created an untenable situation which his administration seems unequipped to handle. But that doesn’t mean the left isn’t trying to shield him from blame. In fact, that leads us into the following lie: It was all Trump’s fault!

During an interview on Fox News Sundayin March, Mayorkas attempted to lay the blame for the migrant crisis at Trump’s feet. He claimed the situation arose because the former president’s rescinded several immigration measures that supposedly made for a “safe and orderly” process. He said:

What we are seeing is the result of President Trump’s dismantlement of the safe and orderly immigration processes that were built over many, many years by presidents of both parties. What we are seeing, and that’s why it’s taking time for us to execute our plans to administer the humanitarian claims of vulnerable children. That’s what this is about.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also got in on the “Blame Trump” act. She claimed the crisis was a result of Biden inheriting a “broken system at the border.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, nobody is buying this line. A recent Harvard/Harris poll revealed most Americans – including a majority of Democrats – believe the situation at the border is Biden’s fault.

The last lie is not one of commission but of omission. Essentially, the administration hoped to shape public opinion on the border problem by not allowing them to see how horrific it has gotten, especially when it concerns the treatment of migrants being held in detention facilities.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy averred that the Biden administration had a “pattern of restricted media access” at the border even though it promised to be transparent about the matter. He pointed out how several journalists have criticized the White House for refusing to allow them access to detention facilities to see how they are being run.

Radio Television Digital News Foundation Executive Director Dan Shelley castigated the president for the blocking of news coverage. In a released statement, he pointed out “the Trump administration allowed journalists into juvenile migrant detention facilities.”

NBC’s Jacob Soboroff observed the same sentiment expressed by Shelley. He reaffirmed the fact that the Trump administration allowed them in the facilities and noted:

They wanted everybody to see that. Now it’s the Biden administration’s turn to open the doors so we can fully tell the story of not just where they want to go but why they want to go to that place and show the American public ourselves.

It is not difficult to ascertain why the administration might be hesitant to allow reporters to see its detention facilities and how migrants are being treated. It was recently revealed that at least in one detention center, unaccompanied minors were living in substandard conditions, not being fed properly, and even exposed to sexual assault.

As the situation gets progressively worse, we can expect a whole new slew of lies coming from the White House as the media continues to cover for their guy in office. Sure, some journalists have decided to be actual journalists and criticize the administration for its secrecy.

But at this point, it’s not going to be possible to change minds – the American people already see that this is a dire circumstance and at this point, it is not likely the president will be able to turn things around in time for the midterm elections. It will be congressional Democrats who suffer from this issue and one of several factors that will result in a Republican takeover of both chambers of Congress.


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