Biden Was Wrong Again: The Taliban Is Hunting Down Afghan Allies

AP Photo/Hussein Sayed

Remember how the Taliban assured us that they would give Americans and Afghans trapped in Kabul safe passage to the airport so they can flee that God-forsaken country? Well, it appears they were just kidding.


Contrary to what President Joe Biden claimed on Friday, there are reports noting that the Taliban is searching for and accosting Americans and Afghans attempting to flee Afghanistan.

According to NBC News, Taliban operatives are searching door-to-door and “screening names at Kabul checkpoints” to find and capture “people who worked with U.S.-led forces or the previous Afghan government.” The information comes from an intelligence report compiled by a Norwegian group and was submitted to the United Nations.

The report further exposes the fact that the Taliban was lying when it claimed it would allow people to flee the country without fear of danger. It also shows that President Joe Biden wasn’t exactly exercising sound judgment when he underestimated the threat the terrorist group poses to Afghans who risked their lives to help the U.S. military.

Since it became clear that the Taliban would be retaking Afghanistan, the organization has been implementing a PR campaign designed to convince the world that it had abandoned its old ways and become a more moderate, radical extremist group.

During a press conference, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tried to assuage fears that the group would resume oppressing the people of Afghanistan once it was in power. He said:


I would like to assure the international community, including the U.S., that nobody will be harmed in Afghanistan. You will not be harmed from our soil.

In another report, NBC News noted:

While the Taliban have made similar promises in the past, Mujahid’s remarks were a clear indication of the movement’s efforts to reach out to the international community and encourage international engagement with the group.

The Taliban has also claimed it would defend women’s rights under Sharia law.

But the terrorist group isn’t just targeting Afghans. Reports show that they have also been identifying and beating Americans in Kabul — despite President Biden’s claims that they would not be targeted. During a phone call with House members, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said multiple Americans trying to reach the airport have been physically assaulted by Taliban operatives.

The defense secretary told people on the phone call that the Taliban’s actions were “unacceptable” according to Fox News. On Friday, the president said the Taliban is letting Americans through their checkpoints and indicated that members of his administration “know of no circumstance where American citizens, carrying and American passport” were being kept from reaching the airport.


The situation in Afghanistan is not going well for the Biden administration, and there can be no doubt that the situation has damaged them politically. Indeed, the president’s approval rating has been plummeting amid the crisis. According to Real Clear Politics, his rating has fallen to 47.8 percent and his disapproval rating has risen to 48.6 percent.

The situation has now gotten to the point that even if the administration is able to turn this SNAFU around and ensure nobody is killed, it will still strike a devastating blow to Democrats’ chances of winning in 2022 and especially, in 2024. Since taking office, Biden has demonstrated an alarming level of incompetence – and American voters will not forget this when it is time to elect a new president.

The Afghanistan disaster is currently the most pressing example of the Democrats’ inability to handle the problems the country faces. At this point, those who supported Biden might be wondering if things would have been this horrific if Trump were still in office, and one can’t blame them.


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