Biden Team Downplaying Taliban Gauntlet at Airport With Unique Description

While we’ve been reporting on the Taliban gauntlet that people — Americans and allies — are having to run to get into the airport, the Biden team seems to be refusing to really acknowledge the problem. Even CNN had to call them out on the chaos. They’ve been downplaying or not talking about the Taliban problem.


Listen as the State Department’s Ned Price uses a unique term to describe that chaos of that gauntlet. “We’re aware of the congestion around the airport.”

Well, we have to give them the prize for the most unique downplaying word that they could find. Also, talk about a deer in the headlights look — that’s Ned Price. It doesn’t look like he’s liking his position much right now.

But I suppose you have to give him credit for at least acknowledging the “congestion.”

You can get worse in the Biden administration. Here’s the Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby saying that he doesn’t think there’s a real problem of people getting into the airport.


Fox’s Bret Baier asks if there’s a deal with the Taliban that restricts American forces to the airport. Kirby denies it. Baier then asks why can’t they be like the British and go pick up the Americans. Kirby has no real answer to that, responding that they haven’t seen any great “impediments” to people getting to the airport.

Really? Is he not seeing what the rest of us are seeing? You can talk about the mission being to protect the airport. But if the people can’t get into the airport and the flights go out half empty, then what are you doing? Again, this seems like the Biden team not living in reality and/or covering up some screwy deal that they made with the Taliban not to go off the airport grounds. That would explain the report of discord between the British and American military about over the Brits going out to rescue people.

When Bret asks if he considers the Taliban an “enemy,” again watch him trip all over himself to avoid saying it.

So basically what’s being communicated here is: We don’t want to go out and get Americans, or say anything, because we might disturb the Taliban.


Meanwhile, there are Americans and allies who can’t get to the airport, while John Kirby doesn’t see the problem.

From NY Post:

David Marshall Fox, an American who moved to Afghanistan in 2013, told The Post on Thursday that he’s abandoned hope of getting onto an evacuation flight, saying the danger of his young son getting shot by the Taliban or trampled by the crowd isn’t worth it.

“My position now, is I’m getting extremely frustrated — because no one is getting any Americans out until they can control the gates,” Fox said.

He went to the airport Wednesday but couldn’t get close enough to US forces to even show his passport.

“For me to be 10 feet from US Marines with my 3-year-old son, with my US passport and not being able to get through — that’s problematic,” Fox said.


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