AJ Swinson Lays Down the Truth About the Democrats’ Capitol Riot Commission


The Democratic Party’s Jan. 6 commission has begun and it has reignited the debate over the events of the assault on the U.S. Capitol building which occurred six months ago. The first day was jam-packed with accusations of white supremacy, outright lies, and even an outpouring of crocodile tears. But the all-important question is: Will the American public see through the obvious politicking involved in this sham of a hearing?


AJ Swinson, the chief of staff for New Journey PAC, ripped open the curtain during an appearance on Black News Channel’s “Start Your Day” in which she discussed the affair. Host Mike Hill asked why Republicans are downplaying the riot that took place on Jan. 6.

Swinson responded, noting that most on the right immediately condemned the violence. She pointed out that “most people on the Republican side said this was awful,” but that things “seemed to descend into political theater.”

She also brought up the fact that many high-profile leftists are exaggerating the incident, comparing it to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Swinson said:

You’ve had recently people comparing this to 9/11 where three thousand Americans were killed and saying that this was worse than that.

Swinson went on to point out that the individuals who were arrested, some of whom have been held in solitary confinement, have not been charged with insurrection, which is a label that left-leaning activist media outlets have applied to the riot. She acknowledged that the “gravity of the situation is definitely real,” but that the way some on the left are dealing with the matter “has some Republicans worried that it’s not in good faith.”

She continued, stating that “it seems like Democrats want to score some political points, raise some money off of the event.”


In reference to the Democratic Jan. 6 hearings, Hill asked whether Swinson would want to know what caused the rioters to assault the Capitol building. She replied:

Yes, one hundred percent and I don’t want to discount the fact the FBI right now, the DOJ, the US state’s attorney general, these are all organizations that are investigating this right now. These are who will bring us real answers to the people who are actually interviewing people behind the scenes and finding out what happened and how it happened. That’s how the American people are going to figure out and be able to better understand these events and how we can prevent this.

The points Swinson made are apt. It was clear from the beginning that these hearings are nothing more than propaganda opportunities designed to distract the American public from the fact that the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden have already proven to be ignominious failures six months into his presidency.

The Democrats have continued to use the Jan. 6 riots as a political cudgel and the point of the Democratic Jan. 6 Committee is to milk the riot for all it’s worth. It’s not difficult to ascertain the reason for this farce.

To put it simply, the Democrats are failing at almost everything. They are failing to rein in the socialist wing of the party, which is alienating voters with their hyperfocus on wokeism. They are failing to address the migrant crisis at the southern border. They are failing to ram through Biden’s radical agenda on guns. They are failing to address the COVID-19 pandemic and are resorting to pushing unpopular vaccine mandates.


The list goes on and on.

The Democrats know their chances for victory in the upcoming midterm elections are bleak. Since they can’t seem to get a win, they are trying to use the only real weapon they have: The Capitol riots. Unfortunately for them, this latest iteration of what Swinson rightly calls “political theater” is not likely to wash with the American public.


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