House Democrats Just Got Some Troubling News From Battleground Voters

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There is now even more evidence that President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis will deal devastating damage to House Democrats struggling to hold on to their seats in the upcoming midterm elections. Yet another poll has revealed some disturbing news for the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress.

According to the survey conducted by five pollsters for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), border security is a “major concern” for voters living in 85 congressional districts. Even further, respondents indicated they believe Republicans “are better able to handle the issue” than Democrats.

The pollsters reported:

Voters also say Republicans in Congress are better able to deal with the issue of border security than their Democratic counterparts (49% GOP – 39% DEM). Even more telling is the finding that voters in the battleground districts represented by Democratic Members of Congress still trust Republicans more on this issue(48% GOP – 39% DEM).

But it gets worse for Democrats.

The NRCC noted:

President Biden’s job approval rating on this issue remains dismal (38% approve – 55% disapprove).  In fact, 43% of all voters in these districts strongly disapprove of Biden’s handling of the issue (only 13% strongly approve).

Among issues that participants deemed to be the most critical, immigration ranked second – the economy edged it out by only a couple of percentage points. “It’s the top issue among Republicans and tied for the top issue among Independents,” the pollsters pointed out.

The results of this particular survey aren’t astonishing considering the fact that the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress have been unable to come up with a viable strategy for dealing with the migrant crisis. Indeed, while migrants are swarming the southern border and thousands of unaccompanied minors are being held in detention, the only thing that Democrats are offering is more open borders policies. When it comes to actual border security, the left has been conspicuously silent.

This is not the first poll that has been problematic for the Democrats. In fact, there have been several showing that the party is out of touch with the American public. Earlier this month, a Washington Post/ABC News poll revealed that 51 percent of respondents disapproved of Biden’s handling of the border crisis. In April, a Quinnipiac survey showed that 55 percent of Americans felt the same way.

But it’s not just about immigration. Americans have also shown that they aren’t too crazy about the Biden administration when it comes to other issues as well. For example, the Trafalgar group recently released the findings of a study showing that 63.6 percent of Americans do not believe that Vice President Kamala Harris is “ready to be president.”

It’s even worse for Democrats when it comes to attitudes about the COVID-19 vaccine. Hard-left Democrats and members of the activist media have been trying to use fear to cajole Americans into accepting the idea of a mandatory vaccine. Indeed, Dr. Anthony Fauci has called for vaccine mandates at the local level, and President Biden has indicated he would support such an initiative.

But it appears that Americans on both the right and left are not on board with the government forcing them to take the jab. The Trafalgar Group also released the results of a poll showing that 71.4 percent of Americans believe that taking the vaccine should be a “personal choice” instead of “mandatory.”

The Democrats’ prospects for maintaining power in 2022 and 2024 are rather dire at this point. The Biden administration and congressional Democrats are failing when it comes to persuading Americans to embrace their agenda. Even with constant help from the activist media, the left is not succeeding with its messaging efforts.

I’ll be blunt. The Democrats are in for a massive repudiation from American voters in 2022 and 2024. The party’s inept decisions are increasingly alienating voters who supported them in 2020 and might have considered backing them in the upcoming elections. The party has been exhibiting a lot of stupid behavior lately, and voters are taking notice. At this point, it might be too late for them to turn things around in time for the midterms.


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