Americans Are Growing Sick And Tired Of Biden’s Border Crisis

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It appears the American public has finally begun losing its patience with the Biden administration and its mishandling of the migrant crisis it caused. The ongoing situation at the southern border is causing people to think differently about President Joe Biden’s ability to carry out his duties.


A recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that most Americans disapprove of the president’s handling of the border crisis. Only 29% of participants approve of Biden’s approach to the problem, while 55% indicated they did not approve. About 15% indicated they did not know how they felt. Among Latinos, in particular, only 27% approve of the president’s performance.

A poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico also revealed that attitudes towards the president are starting to turn sour. This survey showed that only 10% of independents support his border policy.

Biden also got bad news from a second poll by Morning Consult and Politico.

High-profile conservatives and Republicans have been hammering the Biden administration for its utter failure to deal effectively with the crisis. Indeed, the situation has become so horrific that it has had a devastating impact on migrants, people living in border towns, and others. (See: 4 Reasons Why Biden’s Handling of The Migrant Crisis Has Been a Total and Utter Disaster)

According to Breitbart News, GOP lawmakers are trying out a new messaging strategy to challenge the president’s border policies:

The more-in-sorrow-than-anger language is intended to win over non-ideological swing voters — and also the growing number of swing-voting, populist-minded Latino voters.

The language avoids criticism of the foreign migrants — or of the many, many business executives who cheat Americans by hiring cheaper illegal migrants. The language also drops the GOP’s default language about “socialism” or “welfare.”

Instead, it portrays Biden as both reckless and heartless towards Americans and migrants — mimicking how Democrats slammed President Donald Trump’s pro-American policies as “cruel” to “kids in cages” while ignoring the larger picture.


Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) savaged the president, noting the dire consequences resulting from his failed immigration policy. “What’s happening now is the drug cartels are running America’s southern border,” he said. “They’re making millions of dollars a day off of this enterprise that was created by President Biden’s executive actions, and [U.S. border agents] don’t want to be at midnight changing diapers when instead they could be stopping fentanyl and heroin from coming into America’s border.”

Breitbart News also noted that: “Overall, the two polls show Biden is losing altitude amid the border crisis. For example, Quinnipiac showed Biden’s approval rate dropping from 50 percent in mid-February to 48 percent in mid-April, while disapproval jumped from 38 percent to 42 percent.”

Biden’s mishandling of the border crisis has reached the point of being so egregious that the Democrats and their allies in the activist media can no longer protect him even if they wanted to. Indeed, media activists have complained about the White House’s brazen refusal to be transparent about what is happening at the border. Indeed, the administration has been lying about the affair since the very beginning, and now it has moved from crisis to complete disaster.

It has become such a problem that the president, despite having moaned about Trump’s immigration policy, has begrudgingly begun using some of his methods. Just recently, it was revealed that Biden is considering finishing construction on the border wall to close gaps that illegal immigrants entered through. This is a remarkable reversal given that upon taking office, he issued an executive order indicating that no more funds would be used for the barrier.


If Biden is going to turn this situation around, he will have to eat some proverbial crow and adopt his predecessor’s approach to immigration. Yes, it will be difficult for them to admit that Trump’s policy was superior to Biden’s, but perhaps his propaganda ministry – also known as the activist media – will find a way to spin it for him.


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