College Students’ Reaction to Memorial Day Might Make You Concerned About the Future

Here’s a rather disturbing story for you. Some students in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. signed a fake petition to “unrecognize” Memorial Day. The reasons they gave were the usual so-called progressive claptrap. No surprise there, right? But is this something America should be worried about?


Campus Reform, a conservative news site that focuses on higher education, created a fake petition calling for the removal of Memorial Day as a federal holiday, which was created to honor members of the Armed Forces who died while serving their country. A member of Campus Reform posed as an activist obtaining signatures for the faux petition and asked college-aged students if they would sign the form.

Take a look at the video below:

A female student interviewed by Campus Reform explained that she supported the initiative because the holiday “represents a lot of negative aspects of America and highlights something that people shouldn’t necessarily be proud of.”

But what is even more troubling is the fact that several students that were interviewed acknowledged that they were not aware of why America celebrate the holiday in the first place. However, some did understand that the holiday was intended to honor those who gave their lives for the United States and still believed that the country should do away with Memorial Day.

“I’m not celebrating. I don’t think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate, personally,” said another student.


After being asked why he believed the holiday should not be celebrated, he said:

I think it’s a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism. I didn’t really think this way until I got to college and I took women’s and gender studies classes and that put me on this path where I’m like, ‘Yeah, f**k the US.’

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this quote is the crux of the problem. Too many universities are more intent on indoctrinating the nation’s youth than educating them and equipping them with the knowledge or skills they need to succeed in America.

But even more insidious is the fact that many professors use their platforms to foment a distinctly anti-American sentiment without any semblance of nuance. One does not need to pretend that America is perfect, or that it has always used its military appropriately, to honor those who gave their lives to serve the country. However, the Howard Zinn type of educators would have our youth believing that America is a wholly evil nation whose sins far outweigh the good the nation has done.


However, it’s worth noting that the students in this video do not necessarily represent all American college-aged individuals. There are plenty who would refuse to sign such a petition.

Still, this does not mean that the hard left is not making progress in influence our young ones. Indeed, the fact that many of these individuals did not know why America celebrates Memorial Day makes it easier for so-called progressives to deceive them. This trend will not cease unless people on both the left and the right push back aggressively against those whose objective is to turn out a generation of Americans who despise America.


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