Census Figures Reveal Democrats Are Lying Their Collective A** off About Voter Suppression

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Remember when Democratic leaders and media activists were pretending that Georgia’s voting laws were the new version of Jim Crow? Well, the latest Census figures show that the hard left is chock-full of bovine excrement.

Despite the left’s claims that stricter voting laws disproportionately prevent black people from voting, the data shows that voter turnout was at record levels in 2020. The Wall Street Journal reported:

Census figures released Thursday show that turnout in 2020 reached a near-historic high for a presidential election, with 66.8% of voting-age citizens casting ballots—0.9 percentage-points shy of the 1992 record.

Turnout was 5.4 percentage-points higher than in 2016, and 3.2 points higher than in 2008 when Barack Obama drove scores of young people and minorities to the polls. The share of Hispanics (53.7%) and Asians (59.7%) of voting age who cast ballots also hit new peaks. Black voting (62.6%) surpassed any presidential year save 2008 and 2012.

Not too shabby, right? But wait, there’s more. The Journal also wrote:

Notably, GOP states with stricter voting rules didn’t experience significantly lower minority turnout. Black turnout was highest in Maryland (75.3%) followed by Mississippi (72.8%) and lowest in Massachusetts (36.4%). Liberals have lambasted Georgia for “purging” voters and restricting ballot access. But Georgia had a smaller black-white voting gap than Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia and California—all states controlled by Democrats.

What’s interesting is the voting gaps in blue states. In these areas, the Democrats’ narrative is flipped on its head entirely.

From the Journal:

The states with the biggest black-white voting gaps? Massachusetts, Oregon, Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado. Three allow same-day voter registration (Wisconsin, Iowa, and Colorado), according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Good luck trying to discern a link between a state’s voting rules, partisan control and minority turnout.

California is one of the easiest states to vote in. They allow same-day registration, ballot harvesting, and other accommodations for voting. In contrast, Arizona does not allow these practices. Still, it “had a higher turnout among all minority groups and smaller voting disparities with whites than California,” according to the Journal.

To further decimate the narrative being promoted by the so-called progressive left, a minuscule percentage of Americans who did not vote cited obstacles to voting as their reason. The Journal noted:

Democrats know their complaints are false, but they repeat them to energize apathetic voters. The top reasons Americans gave for not voting last fall: Not interested (17.6%), did not like candidates/campaign issues (14.5%), too busy/conflicting schedule (13.1%) and forgot (13%). Few cited an inconvenient polling place (2.6%) or registration problems (4.9%). Differences across racial groups were small.

The hard left has been lying about voting laws for years. But when Georgia passed its legislation at the end of March, they went into a frenzy, dishonestly claiming that it would prevent scores of black people from voting. They argued these measures were somehow akin to poll taxes and literacy tests used in the Jim Crow era.

But this study, like several others, reveals what most people already know: Voting laws do not prevent black people from casting their votes. I wonder how people will react when CNN reports on this – oh wait – never mind.