Marxists Are Gonna Marxist, and Nobody Should Be Surprised

The national Black Lives Matter movement has been raking in the dough for years now, taking donations from people who believe they are helping to make a difference for African Americans. Unfortunately, it has been proven time and again that the national organization is nothing more than a grift designed to push a white progressive agenda that has nothing to do with safeguarding black lives.


This story is the latest in a series of examples, recently brought to light, proving that the Black Lives Matter national organization – unlike many of the local chapters – is nothing more than a Marxist con job that uses black faces as a cover for their true operations. It happened when the news broke that one of the groups’ cofounders purchased a rather expensive home. It turns out that being a hard leftist activist grifter is rather lucrative these days.

As RedState’s Nick Arama reported, Patrice Cullors, co-founder of the national Black Lives Matter movement, recently purchased a rather expensive home. She wrote:

It turns out Cullors, who now goes by Kahn-Cullors after marrying Janaya Khan, who is the cofounder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, just bought some new digs. It’s not a revolutionary cell type of place either. A corporate entity that she controls just shelled out more than $1.4 million for a mini-compound in Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles.

Her new luxury home is located in an area that is only about 1.4% black.

The purchase was made amid criticism from local chapters about how the national organization is handling the money it is receiving from donors, Politico reported, “Ten local chapters are severing ties with the Black Lives Matter Global Network, as the national leadership is known. They are furious that Patrisse Cullors, its remaining cofounder, assumed the role of executive director of the group and made these decisions without their input.”


The leaders of the local chapters also contend that the national organization is not being quite as generous when it comes to supporting their work in their communities. With Cullors’ new and improved living situation, it appears their concerns are valid. Anyone can see that this is a level of griftery that would make Al Sharpton and Shaun King look like Mother Theresa.

However, as activists trained in Marxism, nothing that Cullors is doing should be surprising. One of the unspoken but often lived tenets of Marxism is that the ruling class lives in luxury while the peasant class is forced to do all the work. Marxist leadership always talks a good game about promoting equality, but it never takes too long to find out that “some animals are more equal than others.”

Josef Stalin had several houses all across the Soviet Union. Each of these homes was far more luxurious than anything the average citizen was living in. The same holds true for Communist China’s Mao Zedong. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is also living a veritable paradise, while his citizens starve to death daily.

In light of this, it seems evident that Cullors would make such a decision – purchasing a $1.4 million home while the local chapters do work on the ground – is classic Marxism. Those who are not hard leftists can easily look to history to see that this tendency is all too common among the Marxist crowd. Unfortunately, many rank-and-file leftists don’t see the grift, or if they do, they seem to believe it’s an outlier.


The reality is that this paradigm is par for the course, not a one-off.

The problem is that many who embrace the tenets of Marxism haven’t done the research. They don’t know how their beliefs always lead to tyranny. If they actually delved into the history, they would see that Cullors is only emulating Stalin, Zedong, Kim, and her other heroes. To put it simply, Patrice Cullors is acting like what she is: A full-blown socialist. Nothing to see here, right?


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