CPAC: Leftists Melt Down on Social Media Over Ted Cruz's Cancun Joke

CPAC: Leftists Melt Down on Social Media Over Ted Cruz's Cancun Joke

Americans all over the country are watching the Conservative Political Action Conference either in person or online. People are tuning in to watch their favorite Republican leaders speak and get an idea of how the party will look post-Trump.

But some of the folks seem to be interested in watching so they can find outrage porn to virtue signal over on social media. For these individuals, there is no one better than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to provide enough fodder to fuel enough wailing and gnashing of teeth for at least a day. This time, the lawmaker triggered these so-called progressives by making a self-deprecating joke about his recent flub during the ice storms that swept Texas last week.

During the opening portion of his speech, which was centered on the Bill of Rights, among other issues, he quipped, “Orlando is awesome. It’s not as nice as Cancun.”

The senator was poking fun at himself for making the not-so-smart decision to pack up his family and fly to Cancun while millions of Texans were dealing with extremely cold temperatures without power. When video footage showing him walking in the airport surfaced, the activist media pounced, criticizing him for not remaining in Texas with his constituents.

The lawmaker even received criticism from people on the right – myself included – for his decision. You can see what I thought of the matter in the video below.

*If it does not play, you can watch it here.

However, as usual, the left overstepped and became so unhinged that they even sent reporters to Cruz’s house to deceptively claim that he had left his poodle at home alone. The fact that he had already gotten someone to help take care of the dog wasn’t worth mentioning because of course it wasn’t.

But now, people on the far-left are pretending once again to be outraged over the matter. Several of these special individuals took to Twitter to make their displeasure unknown. Here are a few of the tweets:

It is truly a wonder that the people claiming Cruz showed a remarkable lack of sensitivity towards Texans dealing with the freeze have absolutely no problem weaponizing the death of Cristian Pineda, the 11-year-old boy who died from hypothermia during the ice storms. Did any of these people bother to send money to his family to support them through this difficult time?

We probably already know the answer. These people see Pineda as nothing more than a political weapon that is only useful for scoring cheap points against politicians they don’t like. To them, the boy’s death is just another opportunity to virtue signal for their followers and solidify their progressive bonafides. But seriously, would we expect anything different?


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