Gov. Andrew Cuomo Just Got Some More Horrific News

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s situation seems to be getting worse every day. After it was revealed that his administration hid thousands of COVID deaths that resulted from his decision to force nursing homes to accept patients who had already been infected, high-profile Democrats and even members of the activist media have criticized him.


A recently-released Morning Consult survey showed that the scandal has caused a significant level of damage to Cuomo’s political career as well. According to the poll, the governor’s approval rating has dropped by six points since the story came to light.

Breitbart News reported:

The survey, taken February 12-21 among 3,203 registered New York voters, showed Cuomo with 57 percent approval. While it seems positive on the surface, that reflects a six-point drop from the 63 percent approval he saw in the last survey taken prior to the New York Post bombshell, which featured the stunning admission from Melissa DeRosa, New York’s secretary to the governor.

The last survey, taken February 2-11, also showed Cuomo’s disapproval at 33 percent. That number is on the rise, now standing at 38 percent.

The Morning Consult report also noted, “by comparison, perceptions of Cuomo went unchanged in the aftermath of state Attorney General Letitia James’ Jan. 28 report that first revealed the undercounting of nursing home deaths.”

However, Cuomo’s numbers have suffered greatly over the past 10 days. A Siena College Research Institute survey showed similar results, with his approval ratings dropping from 56-42 percent to 51-47 percent.

The results come amid calls for a deeper investigation into the matter and some even suggesting that Cuomo should be impeached. The FBI has already looking into the story.

All throughout 2020, Democrats and the activist media incessantly lauded Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, portraying him as a heroic figure in contrast to former President Donald Trump, who was somehow singlehandedly responsible for all COVID deaths in the nation. The governor even wrote a book on his team’s approach to the pandemic.


Grifters gonna grift, right?

But now, it turns out that the press should have done more digging. If they had paid a bit more attention, they might not have beclowned themselves by worshipping Cuomo only to have to have their lips surgically removed from his posterior a year later.

The fact that the media and Democrats have turned on Cuomo is already bad enough. Now it appears that New Yorkers have changed their opinions of him. If this trend continues, his political future could very well be in major jeopardy. It might – dare I say it – open up an opportunity for a Republican to replace him during the state’s next election cycle.

Yes, it’s a long shot. But it is not impossible. Perhaps New Yorkers will have grown weary of the corruption and hypocrisy Cuomo and the rest of the state’s Democrats have displayed during the coronavirus outbreak. Attitudes could shift drastically before it is time to elect a new chief executive. One can only hope, right?



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