Democratic Socialists Seek To Oust Moderate Democrats During 2022 Primary Season


It appears the alliance between moderate and far-left Democrats has ended. The Democratic Socialist wing of the party is poised to launch an all-out assault against moderate members of Congress during the 2022 midterm primary season.


A political action committee that was created by Saikat Chakrabarti and Corbin Trent, who are both former staffers for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is targeting Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV). Trent and Chakrabarti were both involved in the creation of Brand New Congress and the Justice Democrats, groups dedicated to promoting far-left progressive candidates. Ocasio-Cortez was one of the politicians they helped get elected in the 2018 midterms along with other members of “the Squad.”

PJ Media’s Stacey Lennox reported:

In the 2018 cycle, these two organizations teamed up to primary sitting Congress members with more progressive candidates. They also picked up a few existing members who had been elected previously. They were successful in surprising incumbents in deep blue districts who did not take them seriously. As Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted at the time, in the districts where these candidates ran, a glass of water with a “D” on it could win. They are not the candidates who earned Democrats the House majority. In fact, credit is given to their radical rhetoric for Democrat losses in the House in the 2020 cycle.


The far-left faction managed to replicate their results in 2020 by getting Representatives Cori Bush (D-MO) and Marie Newman (D-IL) elected in deep blue districts in which they ousted moderate Democratic incumbents. Both Sinema and Manchin have opposed many of the radical measures and legislation that progressives seek to impose. Manchin, in particular, opposed the $1.9 trillion spending package, which includes a $15 minimum wage and several other pet causes of the left.

Trent told Newsweek in an email that they had been trying to push Manchin to acquiesce to their demands. “We’d been running ads to pressure them to do the right thing,” he noted. “Manchin moved a little. But we don’t have time to screw around.”

The former AOC staffer continued: “Democrats have a couple years, max, to improve the lives of the American people. If they blow it, Republicans take back over, and then we’ll get another Trumper back in the White House – maybe Trump himself.”

He concluded: “Senators like Sinema and Manchin seem to think we need more talk and less action in the Senate. If they are dictating the agenda it’ll be hard to hold on to the majority.”


Trent and his comrades have had a level of success in placing far-left politicians in Congress. But it will be quite difficult for them to oust senators like Manchin and Sinema. For starters, both of these lawmakers represent mostly red states. While the socialist faction has attempted to get their candidates elected in areas that aren’t solidly blue, they have failed miserably.

Ousting incumbent moderate Democrats in states like Arizona and West Virginia is more than just a gamble. It is a strategic blunder waiting to happen. Pouring time, money, and other resources into pushing for a Democratic socialist candidate to defeat a moderate in these states will be about as productive as filling a pool with an eyedropper. To put it simply, it’s an incredibly stupid idea. But their mistakes are conservatives’ gains, right?



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