Failed Impeachment Effort Will Backfire On Mitch McConnell And The Rest Of The Republican Aristocracy


The Democrats’ second impeachment circus will deal tremendous damage – but not to the conservative movement or former President Donald Trump. As I noted previously, the effort to impeach Trump will backfire on the left in a huge way. But they are not the only ones who will live to regret the fraudulent proceedings; the Republican aristocracy, also known as the establishment, will also suffer as well.


For starters, it is worth noting that the effort to convict Trump after he has already left office will fail miserably. Those who are hoping that the Senate will vote to “remove” him will be sorely disappointed as evidenced by the proceedings that took place on Tuesday.

Sen. Rand Paul objected to the upcoming impeachment trial, arguing that trying to convict and remove a former president is unconstitutional. He gave a blistering speech, denouncing Democrats for attempting to impeach a president who is no longer in office.

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In the end, 55 senators voted to continue with the impeachment trial while 45 against, which is exactly the outcome Sen. Paul was hoping for. The fact that 45 senators have already indicated they believe that these proceedings are unconstitutional show that the Democrats will not have the 17 Republican votes they need to convict.


McConnell is already feeling the heat – and even though he will likely not run for another term, it is yet another indicator that the establishment is in trouble. Having become a symbol of the establishment GOP, it is not hard to see how anger at his leadership – or lack thereof – could easily be directed at others of his ilk.

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But it is not only McConnell who is set to face a reckoning. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has come under fire as a result of her vote to impeach Trump. Her own state party has pilloried her for decision and a viable primary challenger has emerged. Even worse, a recent survey reveals that the lawmaker’s political future looks rather dismal.

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At this point, even some Democrats are starting to come to terms with the inevitable defeat of their attempt to remove Trump from office after he has already left office. Now, they might start looking at other options – but even this won’t keep them from utterly beclowning themselves in February.

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The next couple years will bring about significant change to the Republican Party. While the GOP aristocrats wish fervently to bring the conservative movement back to the pre-Trump days of Mitt Romney and his merry band of neocons, the rank-and-file aren’t having it.

Republican lawmakers like Cheney will likely be excised from the party when voters fire her in 2022. The same will likely happen to other squishy types. Indeed, there is a chance that everyday conservatives might be so fed up that they start aggressively pushing for new leadership of the Republican National Committee.

It seems clear that change is a-comin’ for the GOP. Hopefully, this will result in a more conservative and appealing Republican Party.


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