Progressives Care More About Politicizing The Vaccine Than Saving Lives

Progressives Care More About Politicizing The Vaccine Than Saving Lives
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The key to being a progressive superhero is making people believe that you genuinely care about an issue’s impact on humanity when, in reality, you are only concerned with scoring cheap political points against your opposition. If you’re truly capable, you can convince the American public that you actually care about Americans being vaccinated against COVID-19 when you’re really just using it to smear Republicans.

This is precisely what high-profile Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media are doing. No doubt you have seen people on the left pretending to be outraged by conservative leaders taking the coronavirus vaccine even though they spent most of 2020 telling the public that we’re all going to die if we don’t wear face masks everywhere.

My colleague, Sister Toldjah wrote about left-wing activists Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta, who pretend to be journalists on CNN, a prominent progressive propaganda mill. Both of these individuals lambasted conservative politicians for taking the vaccine because they supposedly enabled Trump to kill people using the virus.

RedState’s Bonchie also weighed in on the matter, pointing out how leftists acted like circus clowns because Sen. Marco Rubio received the immunization. “But you want to know what’s so stupid? Even as other Republicans were being attacked for getting the vaccine, President Trump was getting hit for not getting the vaccine because the orange man must be bad. It didn’t matter that Trump has already had the virus and is immune,” he wrote.

This quote tells us everything we need to know about how the far-leftists are reacting to the vaccine issue. Want to understand why far leftists are caterwauling about Republican leaders taking the injection?

Here’s a hint: It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that these politicians are getting their shots before regular people. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took the vaccination without so much as a peep from folks like Acosta and Tapper.

The rotten reality is that the far-left does not care about saving American lives.

Democratic leaders didn’t take the coronavirus seriously enough to abide by their own COVID-restrictions. It seemed like every week that passed, we saw another left-leaning politician being caught flouting their coronavirus rules. Apparently, they weren’t quite as serious about leading by example as they wanted us to believe, right?

Under these circumstances, leftists should be happy that Republican leaders are taking the initiative to model the behavior they wish to see. They should welcome the fact that right-leaning leaders, who are typically skeptical about the deadliness of the pandemic, would at least take the injection to show that it is safe.

But they’re not. The reason why is because they don’t care about leading by example. These folks don’t actually care if people take the vaccination or not. The fact of the matter is that they view the immunization as nothing more than a political weapon to wield against their political opposition. They are more concerned with using the vaccination to attack Republicans than saving lives by encouraging people to get the injection.

As with almost every other issue, the Democrats are choosing to put politics over the American people. They prefer pandering to gain power instead of considering what’s best for civilians. But, at this point, none of us can be surprised, can we?


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