An Absolute Freak out Ensues After Republican Politicians Get the Vaccine

Apparently, anyone who ever opposed continued lockdowns and useless mask orders should die with prejudice because science or something. That’s the impression you’d get if you noticed the absolute freak out that has ensued after figures like Mike Pence and Marco Rubio received the vaccine over the weekend.


Cries of being “so mad” after Pence got his shot were common in the comments sections of social media. Meanwhile, Rubio got his and the idiocy went up to eleven.

Without masks! she screams into the ether with visceral anger. Never mind that masks continue to be shown to be largely ineffective. At what point do those who shout about science constantly pay attention to the fact that the largest spikes yet are happening in states with the strictest mask mandates? It’s almost like putting a piece of damp, dirty cloth over your mouth doesn’t help matters. Who could have possibly foreseen this? Yet, many people believe recognizing that reality disqualifies you from receiving the vaccine.

Things then got even dumber when George Takei chimed in.


Casually wishing serious illness on someone because they got a shot seems like real normal, sane stuff. It’s not surprising, though. As Trump has said many times, they don’t really hate him. They hate him because they hate you. If you’ve ever had the audacity to suggest the government can’t solve all our problems and that lockdowns are counter-productive (because they clearly are at this point), then you are now deserving of death in the eyes of some on the left.

Of course, a few hours later, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got her shot and there was no mention of privilege.

But you want to know what’s so stupid? Even as other Republicans were being attacked for getting the vaccine, President Trump was getting hit for not getting the vaccine because the orange man must be bad. It didn’t matter that Trump has already had the virus and is immune. Re-infections are so rare as to not even truly register. You are talking a few possible cases out of tens of millions of infections, and those probably stem from initial false positives. There would be no point in using a vaccine dose on Trump and he obviously recognized that.


Honestly, putting aside the ridiculousness of the Democrat response, I think Trump actually has it right. Politicians who are under 60 and have no preconditions shouldn’t be getting the vaccine. Those who’ve already had it certainly shouldn’t be wasting doses on themselves. This idea that the American people are desperate to see their “leaders” vaccinated so they’ll go get it themselves is just more infantilization of the country. Seeing Rubio or AOC shoot up does not affect my decision on anything, and I don’t think it affects anyone else’s either.

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