Conservatives, This Is Why They Censor You


If you’re a conservative, you are already aware of the fact that tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have drastically stepped up their censorship efforts over the past few years. The anti-conservative bias in the enforcement of their terms has become so evident that it seems like they aren’t even trying to conceal it anymore. 

These companies have become more focused on stifling conservatives voices and suppressing stories that could damage the left, and it does not seem that they have any intention of being fair in how they operate. There are plenty of examples demonstrating their apparent preference for promoting progressive politicians and causes. 

Take the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story, for example. Both Twitter and Facebook manufactured excuses for scuttling the story. They attempted to limit the number of Americans who could be exposed to the details regarding the content of the younger Biden’s computer. 

Their motivation was obvious; the New York Post broke the story only weeks before Election Day. The powers-that-be at these companies were concerned that it might cast aspersions on former Vice President Joe Biden. Their actions were so egregious that the CEOs of both companies had to give an account for their actions in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Google’s bias has been demonstrated time and time again. Like Facebook and Twitter, the search engine giant uses fact-checkers whose sole purpose is to fact check alleged “misinformation” coming from the right. Stories promoting false narratives coming from the left do not receive the same treatment. In fact, in many cases, Google boosts the signal of left-wing fake news. 

It is a given that the employees at these tech companies are motivated by politics, at least on a superficial level. Silicon-valley based organizations are predominantly staffed by far-left progressives who are responsible for banning or suspending users who express views that contradict their far-left ideology. 

These individuals are trying to safeguard the progressive political agenda. By limiting the dissemination of views or news stories they find odious, the leftists who are able to decide what is seen and what is not seen wield incredible power, and they have no qualms with using it.

But political motivation does not fully explain why these folks choose censorship over political discourse in which both sides are allowed to make their points. One can have a particular political viewpoint without desiring to silence those with whom they disagree. In fact, competing on the battlefield of ideas has been one of the bedrocks of American political discourse since the nation’s inception. 

And therein, as they say, lies the rub. 

Far-left progressives have a tendency to eschew political debate, preferring instead to silence their political opponents. The root of the issue is not hard to discern. 

It is fear

Progressives who support, and engage in, censorship do so because they are afraid. They fear that their ideas will not stand up to scrutiny. They worry that they will fail to persuade Americans to embrace their Marxist utopian ideals. People who push back make it more difficult for people on the far left to convince the rest of the country to join up with their cause 

They are afraid of you, conservatives. 

When you see videos of leftists who are clearly filled with hatred of people on the right, you are seeing people who are afraid. When progressives justify censorious actions against conservative voices, you see hate on the surface, but it is fear that is driving that hate. Master Yoda teaches us that, “fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Yes, I did just use a Star Wars reference in this piece. That’s how I roll. 

The fact that progressives are afraid of more Americans being exposed to views that contradict their own reveals something they would rather we didn’t know: Their hold on the culture is not absolute. The far-left is not invulnerable to attack. In fact, their fear demonstrates a serious lack of confidence in the validity of their ideas and their ability to persuade most of the American public to espouse them. 

The advent of alternative media avenues like social media, internet television, YouTube, and other platforms has allowed conservatives to subvert the overall influence of the corporate press. Establishment media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and others no longer have the ability to determine what voices America hears. This is why they are cracking down on conservative opinions on social media. 

However, this does not mean they will win. Indeed, the fact that they are afraid shows that we can defeat them as long as we continue finding ways to work around their attempts to silence us. The only way we can lose is if we stop fighting. 


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