Progressives Fangirl Over Kamala Harris’ Timberlands Because of Course They Did

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The corporate press is fawning all over Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) once again. Is it because she gave some rousing speech recently? Or perhaps she has finally managed to stick to a position without flip-flopping every five minutes? Maybe she has explained why her prosecutorial record is so atrocious?

You will be less than shocked to discover that it is none of these things. But apparently, it’s something even better: Her choice of footwear. That’s right, dear reader, progressive media is all in a tizzy because she wore Timberlands when she went to visit the scene of California wildfires in Fresno. Harris set Twitter ablaze when footage of her exiting her plane while wearing the iconic brand made its way around the interwebs. 

First, they were fangirling over Converse sneakers. Now the corporate press is fawning all over Sen. Kamala Harris because she was wearing a particular brand of boots that rose to fame in the 1990s. 

Black Entertainment Television (BET) posted a tweet celebrating the vice presidential candidate’s shoe choice:



Yahoo! News published four articles on Harris’ boots on Wednesday. Yes, you read that right—four separate articles on the same subject in one day. 

In one article, the author states that “everyone really is this pumped to see Kamala keeping it real when necessary, instead of trying to navigate a hectic schedule and fire-ravaged grounds in a pair of heels.”


 In another piece, the writer lavished praise on the senator. Why? Because “not only did Harris don what few other politicians would dare, but she also paired the utilitarian boots with a pearl necklace — another one of her signature fashion items.”

The Daily Beast published a piece in which they pretended that getting off a plane in Timberlands was somehow significant. “Was it the shoe choice itself or just Harris’ assured manner that sold the look so hard? Perhaps a mixture of both. That jaunty strut? A construction boot made popular by New York rappers? Mike Pence could never.”

Welp, I suppose we might as well give Biden and Harris the win because Pence couldn’t jauntily “strut” off of an airplane while sporting Timbs, y’all. 

But some noticed a glaring inconsistency in this particular story. Harris isn’t the only public governmental figure to wear the boot. First Lady Melania Trump is also a fan of the footwear, but as you might imagine, the reaction from progressive media is quite different when she wears them. Conservative rapper Patriot J noted the difference and posted about it on Twitter: 



Melania Trump has publicly worn Timberlands on at least two occasions. In once instance, she donned a pair of the boots when she and President Trump traveled to Puerto Rico after experiencing a vicious hurricane. 


During the visit, progressives excoriated her choice in footwear. USA Today published a piece in which they wrote:

“The message that some onlookers have perceived, whether Trump is sending it consciously or not, is that she has no intention of physically digging into the problem of disaster relief. Much the way her “flood heels” left many feeling she was out of touch with the difficulties Texans were facing after Harvey, her white jeans may reiterate she’s not here to get dirty.”

Apparently, some of these folks believed that the first lady was supposed to get down and dirty and help repair the damage just like Laura Bush did during Hurricane Katrina. Oh, wait, that never happened. Because first ladies aren’t supposed to do stuff like that. 

But that wasn’t all. Progressives also got their collective panties in a bunch when Melania visited troops in Iraq while wearing the boots. Yahoo! News published another report indicating that people were accusing the first lady of being “out of touch” for wearing the boots. Why? Because an executive at Timberland supposedly made some racist remarks. 

However, there are a couple of problems with this complaint. For starters, none of these people cared about the supposed racist remarks when Harris wore the boots. Secondly, it’s already been proven that the executive never made the comments he’s accused of. 

So, according to the left, when Kamala Harris wears Timberlands, it’s a fresh, bold fashion statement that somehow means she deserves to be vice president. But when Melania Trump puts on a pair, it’s somehow a problem. 


It’s like those on the far left aren’t even trying to hide their hypocrisy anymore. But this is par for the course in politics, isn’t it? If Trump had a “D” next to his name, progressives would be treating Melania like the second coming of Jackie Onassis, right? 


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