Garbage Site Gateway Pundit's WH Correspondent Thinks 9/11 Is Funny

Plenty of people have their knickers in a twist over my post from earlier today where I took off on the new frauds of the GOP. Jim Hoft is one of the people who broke off from the tag of “alt-right” so they, too, could benefit from the election of Donald Trump.


It worked. These people get White House press passes despite engaging in the kind of journalism that makes the editors at Weekly World News, blush. When they’re not writing garbage takes and stories that have no basis in fact, their White House correspondent is tweeting out stuff like this:

You can hear it now:

“That is just so funny because it totally takes down libtard CNN!!”

That’s what these idiots are all about, not conservatism. They’re not serious people. And they don’t deserve to be taken seriously.


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