Former FBI Agent Says He Was 'Disgusted' Reading Comey's Testimony

I don’t recall when former FBI agents have spoken in such stark terms about something involving the FBI. In this case, former FBI agent James Gagliano said he felt like he needed to “rinse off” after reading James Comey’s testimonial statement that was released yesterday. He said he felt “disgusted” by it.


Here’s the clip:

The immediate reaction to Comey’s testimony among many was that it all makes Comey look bad because he told the president he wasn’t under investigation. I agree with some people — there are media outlets and, of course, Democrats who have made it appear as though Trump himself was under a criminal investigation.

Even with that in mind, it was highly inappropriate for President Trump to expect the director of the FBI to engage in public relations for the President. On March 20th, James Comey testified as to what the FBI was investigating. It’s not Comey’s fault the White House is so politically inept they can’t push back on what they see as an unfair narrative.

We all know why this is not possible — because President Trump is an undisciplined buffoon. For the White House to push back on any investigatory narrative requires a cohesive communications strategy. With Trump, that is nearly impossible. The number of times Trump has publicly contradicted members of his staff is too numerous to tally up, and it’s not even been five months since Trump took the oath of office.


A lot of people want to talk about Trump not being under investigation. Many of those same people, however, don’t want to discuss how inappropriate President Trump behaved with his communications with James Comey. It’s not hard to see why Gagliano felt the way he did.



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