Trump Arises On Monday; Russia Tweets Erupt As Comey Prepares To Testify on Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump is a tad nervous. For the last two weeks, he and his staff have dug in on Trump’s tweets about President Obama tapping his phones and other surveillance in Trump Tower. Despite zero evidence to support the claims, they keep insisting it is true.


Today, James Comey will be testifying on Capitol Hill. He will answer questions about these allegations, and hopefully, we’ll finally get the truth (Though President Trump can still get this confirmed with one phone call). That appears to have the President a tad nervous because he took to Twitter this morning. Wanted to focus more on the allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election (for which there is also no evidence):

Funny how Trump finds Clapper credible since he also said Trump’s wiretapping claims are bogus. Also, he tweeted about himself in the third person.


For some reason, he feels the need to have to remind people he won the election as if people forget. Or maybe he’s just torturing us.

It’s hard to argue with him here. Whoever leaked the information about Mike Flynn, did commit a crime. They should find out who it is.

What’s going to be interesting is what Team Trump think of James Comey after today. They loved him last year.


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