Michael Brown Documentary Filmmaker Loses It During Fox News Interview With Martha MacCallum

Documentary films are strange animals. People think when they see a documentary, they’re seeing a factual representation of events. However, just as with fictional filmmaking, directors can manipulate facts and events. If you’ve ever seen a Michael Moore film, it’s easy to see how it can happen.


Jason Pollock is a documentary filmmaker who is the one originally floated the idea of Michael Brown being a drug dealer is a better narrative with respect to his shooting death.

He appeared on Fox News with Martha MacCallum and it wasn’t long before Pollock started yelling and going ‘Loose Change’ on her. Watch:

Pollock goes on to start screaming about one of Brown’s gunshot wounds, completely dismissing the three autopsy reports performed saying “they failed” him.” Not exactly sure what they “failed” at but when you’re engaging in spittle-fleck rants instead of talking, nobody is going to listen.



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