Donald Trump Once Sued A Miss USA Contestant For Saying Pageant Was Rigged

Now that Donald Trump has implicated Saturday Night Live in the conspiracy to rig the election against him, it should be noted he was happy to sue a former Miss USA contestant for saying the Miss USA Beauty Pageant was rigged.


And he won. 

Feel free to mock Donald Trump’s hairdo, ego or reality show.

But if you want to charge The Donald with running a rigged beauty pageant, it’s gonna cost you $5 million.

A Manhattan federal judge ordered former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin to write the billionaire developer’s Miss Universe contest a seven-figure check for her unfounded claims.

The 30-page ruling from Judge J. Paul Oetken upheld an arbitration award against Monnin for her angry rants after finishing back in the swimsuit-wearing pack at last year’s Miss USA Pageant.

Here is some of what she said, along with some more information:

She said as much in a text message to pageant official Randy Sanders: “This is f-ing rigged Randy.” And she repeated the charges to a national audience via her Facebook page — and then the “Today” show.

Miss Universe L.P. is the parent organization of the Miss USA competition.

The $5 million payment covers a site fee lost by the pageant in 2013 after Monnin went public with her allegations.

“We applaud the judge’s very articulate 30-page decision, and will pursue all rights available to Mr. Trump under the law,” said Michael D. Cohen, special counsel to Trump.

The pageant took Monnin to arbitration, seeking a $10 million reimbursement — and winning the $5 million fee. Monnin, 28, never responded to notices about the case on the advice of her counsel, Oetken wrote.


It appears Miss Monnin had a lousy attorney. A better one might have saved her some money.

The point is, she accused the entire pageant of being rigged and had no evidence to support her claim. Donald Trump is making claims against the United States electoral system. He has no proof whatsoever to substantiate his claim. 

This is not just another one of Trump’s idiotic lies he routinely tells. This is the Republican nominee for President of the United States, attacking the integrity of the US electoral system. And he’s doing it without consequence.

Are Republican leaders so afraid of this clown they won’t push back against an obviously bogus claim?


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