Marco Rubio On Orlando Terror Attack: My Fear Is, We're Going To See More Of This (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio is from Florida so the terrorist attack there early this morning had to be jarring to him. He was on CNN this afternoon with Wolf Blitzer talking about the attack and what he thought of the information that has so far, come to light.


The video is about 6 minutes long but it is worth watching as Rubio really knocked it out of the park. He spoke with confidence and intelligence, providing details an insights that go beyond the usual bluster. It is something that has been clearly lacking since he and others left the GOP presidential race:

One of the areas of concern Rubio brought up is he believes we are going to see more of his. That the real danger, is not with ISIS coming from overseas to attack us here but instead, home grown terrorism. There is no evidence that Omar Mateen traveled outside of the country in order to train with ISIS or any other group.

But he did somehow manage to become radicalized. 

The main point in watching this video is seeing how Rubio focuses on the real problem. Unlike President Obama who had to mix gun control in with his comments. 


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