Rubio Super PAC Releases Devastating Donald Trump Ad (VIDEO)


Many people (including here on the pages of RedState) have been saying the best way to go at Donald Trump is to remind people that he is an opportunist. He is all about himself. He doesn’t care about the little guy. Like Marco Rubio said, he is a con man. The “little guy” is Trump’s mark and all he cares about is what he wants. In this case, being President.


A Super PAC backing Marco Rubio, Conservative Solutions, has released the following ad which I imagine is the first of many. They are finally going after Trump where he is vulnerable:


People are going to question whether or not this is too little, too late. Perhaps. Much of Trump’s support is already baked in but this is not being aimed at his supporters in the hopes of changing their minds.

This is being directed at undecideds and at those who still could change their minds despite having a particular preference for now.

Rubio has to win Florida. It is simple as that. If he does not, it will be time to pack it in. He has 18 days to make the sale. Ads such as this, along with the debate last night, is exactly where Rubio needs to be.


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