Watch CNN Anchor's Explanation For Why Journalists Are Afraid To Criticize Donald Trump [VIDEO]


Fox News was right not to back down from Trump’s little hissy fit over Megyn Kelly. She asked him a tough question nearly half a year ago and because she did, Trump has held a grudge against her ever since. Any journalist who dares to not kiss the ring of The Petulant One finds themselves on the end of a Trump Tweet Storm. What follows are a good percentage of his nearly 6 million followers, jumping in and going after the same journalist with far more nastiness than Trump.


Alisyn Camerota of CNN basically admitted it is why reporters and journalists are hesitant to be tough on Trump. Watch:

This is pretty astounding. And Trump knows this. That is why the supposed alpha male can sit around whining all day about reporters and journalists being “unfair” to him. They’re not going to challenge him the way they would other candidates.

If you happen to see Fox News Sunday today, watch the difference between how Chris Wallace interviews Ted Cruz vs. how he interviewed Donald Trump. The difference was striking. Wallace dug in against Cruz at every point yet allowed Trump to pretty say what he wanted without challenge.

Whenever Trump is on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the entire crew treats him like an old friend. They rarely challenge him unless he says something so outrageous they have no choice. Chuck Todd is routinely reduced to sounding like a high school reporter interviewing a movie star when he’s talking to Trump.

This is ridiculous and yet his supporters will eat it up because “HE FIGHTS!” I can’t really blame his supporters. The fault is with the journalists, talking heads, and TV hosts who are too afraid to call Trump out for his nonsense.


But all hope is not lost. Trust me. If Trump happens to win the nomination and he’s head to head with Hillary Clinton? You can take it to the bank the press will suddenly find their collective spine and go after him like the would any other Republican. That will be fun to watch.


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