The Des Moines Register Endorsements Are Out - GOP: Rubio, Democrats: Hillary


The Des Moines Register, one of Iowa’s most influential newspapers have given their endorsements for the Republican and Democrat parties. Here is what they said:

Marco Rubio

Republicans have the opportunity to define their party’s future in this election. They could choose anger, pessimism and fear. Or they could take a different path.

The party could channel that frustration and pursue true reform. It could renounce its fealty to the economic elite and its fixation with tax cuts for the wealthy.

It could instead emphasize the interests of the middle class and promote policies, not just rhetoric, that champion workers, families and small businesses. It could be the party of opportunity and optimism.

It could be the party in which the son of an immigrant bartender and maid could become president.

Sen. Marco Rubio has the potential to chart a new direction for the party, and perhaps the nation, with his message of restoring the American dream. We endorse him because he represents his party’s best hope.

Here is video of Rubio explaining to the DMR editorial board why he is the best candidate for the GOP:

Hillary Clinton

On the world stage, this president will have to work with foreign leaders in dealing with ISIS and other terrorists, climate change, the containment of nuclear threats posed in North Korea and Iran, the Russian incursions in Ukraine and foreign trade.

The presidency is not an entry-level position. Whoever is sworn into office next January must demonstrate not only a deep understanding of the issues facing America, but also possess the diplomatic skills that enable presidents to forge alliances to get things done.

By that measure, Democrats have one outstanding candidate deserving of their support: Hillary Clinton. No other candidate can match the depth or breadth of her knowledge and experience.

Granted, as a Republican, I found their comments on Hillary Clinton to be rather amusing given her absolutely awful tenure as Secretary of State. She may have an understanding of the issues but it is how she executed her ideas surrounding those issues that makes me believe she has no business running the entire country.

As for Rubio, this will likely send Donald Trump into a raging Twitter fit where he tells everybody how horrible the DMR is and what a “loser” newspaper it is and how everybody who works there is a “loser” as well.

That said, except for 1988, each time the DMR has endorsed a GOP candidate, that candidate when on to win the nomination.

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