Remember, These People Can Vote: Idiots Praise North Korea For H-Bomb Test (VIDEO)


There are times when I doubt the very existence of almighty God Himself and wonder why natural selection hasn’t taken place. I think everybody with even a semblance of coherent thought would understand that North Korea testing a hydrogen bomb is not a good thing. With a lunatic like Kim Jong Un controlling things, its the last thing we want to see.


Sometimes I’ll see something absurd and shake my head, slap my palm to my forehead, allow my forehead to strike the desk (easily), etc.

Then there are times I see something and wish to be in a field where the entire Chinese Army can goose step on my face so that I can welcome the embrace of death in the most humiliating way possible because it’s what I am prepared to do for humanity.

The following is from the Jimmy Kimmel show and in this clip, people are shown to be praising North Korea and their successful H-bomb test. And not faint, “Oh that’s cool” kind of praise. We’re talking, “If you follow your dreams….” type praise.


Who’s with me?



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