Hillary Clinton is Easier For Republicans to Beat Than Joe Biden

A new Fox News poll is out. It shows what I think most people are beginning to conclude. If the election were held today, Republicans have a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton than they do beating Joe Biden.


In fact, it is pretty striking.

That’s right, from Ben Carson to Donald Trump to Jeb Bush to Carly Fiorina, the Republicans trounce Hillary Clinton.

Just two months ago, the Fox News Poll had Hillary beating Carly Fiorina, but not any more.

Contrast this with Joe Biden.

Right now, while Biden is just a dream and not a reality, he is polling much better than the GOP. Once he gets in that would no doubt change, but it is in striking contrast to Hillary Clinton’s numbers.

As we head to the Democratic Debate tonight, it shows why the other candidates are going to do their best to put Hillary on defense. They recognize that she is vulnerable. As CNN tries to stir ratings and controversy and soundbites, I wonder if they might ask her if she should withdraw.

Consider this Politico piece to go with the polling.


Nearly every one of 50 advisers, donors, Democratic operatives and friends we interviewed for this story thought Clinton was a mediocre candidate who would make a good president, if given the chance. They painted a portrait of a politician who talked about learning from past mistakes while methodically repeating them—a far cry from the formidable shatterer of glass ceilings who had put such a scare into Obama late in the 2008 primaries.

One longtime Clinton family adviser called the emails a “cancer” on her campaign. Another told us, “She’s her own worst enemy.” And many described moments of anxiety as Clinton, backed up by the protective firewall of her legal team, refused to take full personal responsibility even to her own aides. “I have done nothing wrong,” she repeatedly told them.

Those are not the words of a campaign that thinks it is winning. The steady drumbeat against Hillary Clinton continues. We will see just how hard they pound the drums tonight.


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