The Wall Street Journal Comes Out in Favor of Killing Babies

I mean I know the DC-GOP conventional wisdom sages often have their hands up Paul Gigot’s butt Jim Henson style ensuring his editorials conform to their wisdom, but this is just ridiculous.

Just check out this key part.

History also suggests that voters tend to censure the party that controls Congress for shutdowns, most recently with ObamaCare. Republicans got most of the blame for that one, 53% to 29% for Mr. Obama in an Oct. 22, 2013 Washington Post-ABC poll.

Yes, the GOP got so much blame it lost the House and failed to pick up the Senate in 2014. Oh wait!

Folks, I hear the blame game and get reasonable people in email telling me we will just get blamed and there is too much at stake for us to do this.

I say there is too much at stake not to fight. There are thousands and thousands of children who are being ripped apart and sold for scrap.

Paul Gigot and the Wall Street Journal may not think these children are worth fighting for, but I do.

He can quote poll numbers all day long, but it does not make it right.

If the GOP is not prepared to fight on this issue, they will fight on no issue and we might as well go with Donald Trump and be done with it because at least, by God, at least he fights.

The Wall Street Journal just wants the leviathan to continue funding the crony capitalists and their agenda the Journal editorial board supports. Damn the babies.

Robert Bartley is rolling over in his grave.

By the way, it is a terrible indictment of the National Right to Life Committee that Paul Gigot singles them out for praise in keeping silent in this fight.

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