The Most Interesting Thing About Trump's Statements Today

When I talked to the Trump campaign on Friday night, the campaign manager only wanted to focus on the “blood in her eyes” part. When I brought up the “wherever” bit, he kept going back to the “blood in her eyes” part.


So I asked for a clarification or apology and he said I needed to do it in writing.

I put it in writing with the full quote.

The campaign manager called back and said Mr. Trump meant “whatever,” not “wherever” because he was trying to get Don Lemon to move on in the CNN interview.

Today, on the Sunday show circuit, Donald Trump is denying he meant anything other than bleeding from Megyn Kelly’s nose or some such and that only a deviant would think otherwise.

I think it is unfortunate that Donald Trump’s campaign could not offer that clarification until eight hours after their initial attempt was that Trump had meant “whatever.”


At this point there is not a lot of difference between Planned Parenthood supporters who think the tapes were edited and Donald Trump supporters who think he did not say what he said on live television.


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