My moment of candor this Friday

Were it me, I would not engage in the style of publicity and antics Pamela Geller and her organization engaged it.

I take to heart Proverbs 3:34 that “He mocks proud mockers but shows favor to the humble and oppressed.”

I also take the golden rule to heart. I appreciate the point Martha McCallum and Franklin Graham made. Just because we have the right, does not mean we should use it. I agree with them both and I hate to see them getting flack for the position I share with them.

In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, I think there are ways to accomplish the mission of exposing Jihad without resorting to what amounts to hyperbole. I don’t want people to treat Jesus that way, so I’m not sure we should treat Mohammed that way.

Now here is my but.

Pamela Geller had an absolute, unfettered constitutional right to do what she did. I may not personally want to engage on the issue in the way she has, but she set her course and we should be defending her right to do it. There should be no caveat for her free speech. At worst, those who disagree with her should just stay quiet. But claiming that what she did was not free speech is both absurd and damnable.

I may not think that what she did was right, BUT she had every right to do it. I cannot abide any caveats on that and neither should you.

In the process, we should also note that two jihadis died that day and because of Pamela Geller’s actions she more likely than not saved the lived of a hell of a lot of people by provoking those dogs of ISIS to make their stand there instead of a shopping mall, a school, or an airport. For that alone she deserves a medal.

I would not have done what Pamela Geller did, but many of the people using “yes” and “but” to throw up caveats to the First Amendment because of her actions are doing so in the wrong order and are no friends of the first amendment. Most of them are actually very fearful that they will one day be confronted by the terrorist thugs of ISIS and are moral cowards scared of provoking evil.

History shows us over and over that the moment evil realizes you are scared of provoking it, you have provoked it into action. So thanks New York Times, MSNBC, etc. for now emboldening ISIS — signaling to them that they can curtail our constitutional rights because of the chickens in the press.

Exit point: it is a sin in the Christian faith for two dudes to get married, but the American media wants to force us to accept it and force Christians to provide goods and services to the event. But they cry like little girls that Pamela Geller committed blasphemy under Islam when she’s not even Islamic. That’s just disgusting hypocrisy from the circle of jerks and their moral cowardice.