Hillary Clinton's Consultants' Consultants' Interns Announce Hillary Is Running to Subsidize Dem Consultants

Three hours later than the press had told us she would announce, Hillary announced what everyone knew — she is running to subsidize Democratic consultants who’ve been left on the sidelines while Team Chicago ran things.

Oh, she’s running for President too.

Hope, change, and all that — her logo is a bit Trauma Hospital.

A blue H with a red arrow, it almost suggests, if not a hospital ER, that red states are going to penetrate a blue wall to move the country to the right. Talk about foreshadowing.


Her campaign, out of the gate, is already a beached whale waiting to explode filled with the hot air of a bunch of consultants not fit to work for Team Obama. Likewise, it is ridiculous that Hillary thinks she is a vehicle for change and progress in America.

What on earth has she done that hasn’t ended badly? Not much.