The Media's Standard in the Terrorist Fight

Yesterday, while the President was speaking about cyber security, ISIS’s friends hacked our Central Command’s social media presence. The terrorists put up propaganda videos on YouTube and posted soldiers’ personal data on CENTCOM’s twitter feed.


Leave aside the question of why CENTCOM has social media feeds. The dismissiveness of the American press over the data breach was staggering.

ISIS published the home addresses of soldiers and other information. Some of it was in public domain. Some appeared classified. Much of it was personal information that could put our soldiers’ families in the targets of terrorists.

Were members of the media to have their home addresses exposed on social media, there would be a collective scream and outcry over violations of personal privacy. Instead, in this case, the media did a “no big deal” turn.

What is most alarming is how much of the media has shifted the conversation after the Charlie Hebdo attack. They will not publish the cartoons themselves, have moved rapidly toward appeasement. And now think the staff at Charlie Hebdo brought the attack on itself.

The American media will one day find itself on its knees with a sword to its collective neck. It will find itself defended by the very people the press routinely throws under the bus. And once on its feet again, will promptly assail all those who defended it.

It is a sad commentary, but then it exposes the American media for the moral cowards that they are.


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