No Longer Chickening Out on This

I keep a separate site for my radio stuff. To the extent it hosts my content from RedState, it pulls in an excerpt and links backs here to send the traffic back.


But there is one thing I’m going to put there that I will not put here.

Several hundred listeners to my radio show have been encouraging me to do something that I kind of chickened out on. They all suggested that instead of us doing a daily devotion together (as some of us did last year here too), write a devotional.

I was not sure I could commit to 365 days of daily devotion writings, but I have started. I kept them offline until I felt comfortable with them. So now I’ve started. Every day for 365 days (I’ll do two for February 28 though), I will have a new devotion posted at noon on my personal site.

You can find them by going to and looking to the far right of the page, or they can be directly accessed here.

My radio listeners and some of you really wanted me to do this. So I will. I just ask for your prayers in return.


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