Atlanta's Mayor Fires the City's Fire Chief For Being a Christian

In 2013, more than a year ago, Atlanta’s Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran wrote a book called “Who Told You That You Were Naked?”

The book outlined his Christian faith. Chief Cochran is popular with Christians in Atlanta. Having previously left Atlanta to work for the Obama Administration, he came back as Fire Chief and wrote his book.


His book was published more than a year ago. In it, Chief Cochran encouraged young black men to find Jesus, be responsible, get married, and stop sleeping around. He wrote that all sex outside of marriage, from gay sex, to heterosexual sex, to even beastiality is an abomination.

The book was in print for a year and then the forces of Mordor found it. The Chief was suspended from his job and is now fired. Mayor Reed of Atlanta claims the Chief was fired for writing the book without permission and for speaking out while suspended. Never mind the book was written in 2013 and only in the last month has the Mayor taken action.

Mordor is complaining that Chief Cochran gave the book out to employees. The Chief says he only gave it to those who asked. Despite the spin on the Chief’s firing, we can get a strong sense of why exactly he was fired from an email blast that went out from Better Georgia a week ago.

Let’s be honest here — the likelihood that Better Georgia, a group Kasim Reed will want in his corner should he run for further office, sends out an email on December 29, 2014, and the Chief gets fired a week later, is just a coincidence is slim.


What was Better Georgia’s first complaint about Chief Cochran’s book? From their email:

Let’s take a closer look at what Cochran wrote with pages taken straight from his book. Keep in mind that he gave this book to his city employees.

Cochran says the top priority as fire chief for Atlanta is to “cultivate its culture for the glory of God.”

That is it. And for that, Chief Cochran is now unemployed.

You will be made to care.


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