Five Weeks and No Coherence


Have you noticed the Republicans have given up a concentrated effort against Obamacare?

They have. It is barely on the radar. More and more stories come out every day about how close races are across the country. More and more stories come out about tightening polls. More and more races the GOP must win to take back the Senate seem to be slipping away from them.


We are five weeks from the election and the Republicans’ message? Crickets.

They have not campaigned on securing the border because they do not want to secure the border.

The sure as heck are not campaigning against Obamacare. The program continues to poll negatively. Voters continue to hate it. Voters continue to see negative impact from it in their lives, from both the cost to their jobs. Obamacare continues to strangle the economy.

And the Republicans not only just voted to keep funding it, but have consciously decided to not even campaign against it. In fact, a number of Republican lobbyists are now making money engaged in lobbying related to Obamacare.

If the GOP does not want to campaign against a law that continues to remain unpopular, and if the GOP wants to continue attacking its conservative base as whores while collaborating with K Street lobbyists, and if the GOP does not even want to secure our border with Mexico I have no idea why anyone would want to even vote for them as the alternative to Obama.

I bet the polls are reflecting that precisely. If the GOP won’t fight against Obamacare, why bother fighting for them.


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