Why Primaries Matter

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who Republicans chose to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union address this year, says Republicans are giving up on Obamacare. They’re going to start tinkering with it instead, thereby setting the stage for it staying around.


Once the GOP fixes all the objectionable parts, there’ll be no reason to scrap it, but there’ll also be no funding mechanisms. All the objectionable parts, like the mandates, have to do with funding Obamacare. But the GOP is giving up, just as I and others have said they would. McMorris Rodgers, in the House Republican Leadership, would know. She echoes many of the intellectual voices of the Republican establishment who have been building the case for accepting Obamacare, rather than repealing it.

Likewise, she joins John Boehner in suggesting immigration reform will come up this year.

Folks, it is no secret that the Chamber of Commerce and K Street Republicans are pouring money into races to crush conservatives. They are outspending most of their conservative competitors. While you and I may think this is going to be a long term disaster for the GOP, the House leadership, the voices they listen to in the DC-NYC corridor, and business leaders think you and I need to be stopped. So they are going all in writing checks we can’t counter.


They want immigration reform and they want to give up on Obamacare. The only way to stop them is to beat them in the primaries. And right now it looks like there won’t be a lot of that. The only way to counter them is to get involved against them in primaries right now. Primaries matter.

Comprehensive immigration reform is coming and the fight against Obamacare is going away unless conservatives get some wins in the primaries.


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