Atlanta Journal Declares Potential Legal Violations a "Moot Point." Of Course a Democrat is Involved.

That Jason Carter was soliciting campaign money while the Georgia legislature was in session is “a moot point”, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Why? Because the legislature is not in session any more.


Georgia law prohibits state legislators from collecting contributions or pledges while the legislature is in session. Jimmy Carter’s grandson Jason was doing just that. The invitation for a fundraiser this Sunday in New York was “paid for and authorized by” Jason Carter’s campaign. It went out while the legislature was in session. That clearly runs the whole operation against O.C.G.A. § 21-5-35.

We can argue over whether it was an actual violation. It seems clear to me that it was because it was, again, (1) a solicitation for donations/pledges while the legislature was in session and (2) was “authorized and paid for by” Jason Carter’s gubernatorial campaign.

To say it is “moot” because the legislature adjourned at midnight last night dismisses the point entirely.


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