Reboot and Recommit for 2014. Support @NikkiHaley.

As many of you settle back into your office chairs this morning, understand this: the left still dominates the right in online fundraising. They are able to fund and support candidates online in a way we can only dream about. And they intend to harness the power of the online left to support candidates in states around the country.


One of those states is going to be South Carolina. You may laugh at the idea of a Democrat winning the gubernatorial race in South Carolina. But when you understand the Democrats are working with a group of spend-thrift Republicans who want to shut up the conservative movement, it’ll all make sense.

They can’t do it alone. But they can do it with the support of big government Republicans. That is why we must respond by showing our online strength and our online ability to raise money. Governor Nikki Haley is the perfect candidate to do this with.

Four years ago, Governor Haley was in the state legislature. She was running for Governor of South Carolina. At Christmas time she called me. She was running low on money, running behind in the polls, and she needed help to just stay in the race. RedState readers quickly raised her a pile of money to stick with the race. She made it through the fundraising quarter, got Sarah Palin’s endorsement, and eventually won the race outright.

I said I wanted to re-do that this past Christmas. But then life intervened and I was unceremoniously admitted to the hospital, Washington politics crowded out other stories, and then Christmas came. But I still want to help. You need to help.


I am not kidding when I tell you that the left is plotting with big government Republicans to beat Nikki Haley. They are convinced if they can beat her in South Carolina, it will be an example to conservatives that they need to shut up. So we need to stick up for Governor Nikki Haley. We need to commit to her campaign now. Show America that we take care of our own.

Can you do that? Can you show America we take care of the candidates who take care of the constitution and support limited government? Can you give to Governor Haley today? Show big government Republicans and the left, both of whom think you’re checking out of politics, that we’re invested in candidates of limited government across the nation.

Will you join me in giving to Nikki Haley? Let’s show what we can do.


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