A Short Term Debt Ceiling

It seems the GOP has taken a hint and will continue the fight on Obamacare by punting the debt ceiling discussion six weeks to Thanksgiving.I think this is wise, though I think the GOP should not do a clean increase. They should tie it to a full faith and credit act or something to stop future market jitters over this stuff. The GOP should not establish a precedent of debt ceiling increases without offsets of some kind. Nor should they allow the Democrats to act as if the House of Representatives should just be Barack Obama’s rubber stamp.But we must keep the fight on Obamacare. If the CR and debt ceiling were combined, we could not hold the line.This now lets us hold the line and get the conversation back to Obamacare.Those who say conservatives have no strategy have none of their own. Our strategy is simple — hold the line. Those who say that is no strategy have none of their own. Do I think we will get Obamacare defunded? That’s our ask. We negotiate from there.Because the Obamacare website is a disaster and will be for at least six months, the final offer could reasonably be to demand delay. And I do not think the President can sustain six weeks of the GOP asking that individuals, like employers, get a one year delay.



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