Some time around 11:30 a.m. we reached the $10,000.00 goal from around 200 donors for Ken Cuccinelli. I’m curious to see how much we can raise. Before sunset we crossed $15,000.00.Please join me in giving Ken Cuccinelli a contribution. This is the most important race across the country this year. He needs our help. Just today there is another story about Terry McAuliffe’s dealings with GreenTech and his attempts to use his influence to benefit that miserable company.McAuliffe believes in redistributing Virginia tax dollars to corporations. Ken Cuccinelli believes in the people of Virginia.Let’s keep the money flowing to Ken Cuccinelli.I also want to mention briefing, through which we are doing this fundraising effort. Since 2005, the left has used ActBlue as an activist portal. Leftwing activists can support candidates and causes through ActBlue. It’s actually a very well done site its designers and founders should be proud of.The GOP should hold its head in shame that it has never been able to come up with something similar. There have been several attempts over the years. The most popular was probably Slatecard, but it went away. Many of the major consultants in the GOP have their own fundraising portals and bleed candidates dry to use them. These consultants get really rich doing this and have worked mightily behind the scenes to shut down Republican efforts at creating a counterpart to ActBlue.I am happy to use and support I hope they have the staying power. Major conservative donors should pay attention to their own failure in funding groups like and I hope RedState can help ActRight ramp up and stay around longer than the predecessors on the right.We need this — we as in the conservative movement as a whole. We should all be able to be activist donors through easy to use portals. On our side right now that is and we should all consider using it, supporting it, and not being afraid to ask them to make improvements. They’ve been very helpful and very gracious with RedState. I want to see them grow and thrive. Now, go give Ken Cuccinelli a donation. Let’s keep this drive going all day.




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