Amazing Audio from @GRTL : "If All Aren't Protected, None Are Protected."

There is a rumor the folks at Georgia Right to Life reject Genesis 5 – 10 because Noah couldn’t save all the animals, only pairs.

Fox 5 Atlanta led their newscast last night with Georgia Right to Life joining pro-abortion groups to oppose pro-life legislation in Congress. I have been telling you that Georgia Right to Life’s position has descended to the insane position of letting all children die unless all can be saved.


Last night, Georgia Right to Life went on record to publicly embrace that characterization. You can see the video for yourself.

Georgia Right to Life’s Suzanne Ward told Fox 5 Atlanta reporter Justin Gray, “If all aren’t protected, none are protected.” In other words, legislation that pro-life groups around the country have showed would stop 99.4% of late term abortions was not good enough because 0.6% of late term abortions could be carried out.

This is an absurd position when lives are at stake. What is so amazing is the follow up statement from Georgia Right to Life.

Rape and incest is a horrible scenario and we have the utmost sympathy for anyone in those circumstances, but we can’t condone murder in those circumstances

No one is asking them to condone it. But what conservatives have asked is that we at least move the ball forward where we can on this issue. Georgia Right to Life has refused to do so.


And now they are going on record with their position — better all die than work to save as many as we can. This is horrific. This is Westboro Baptist Church insanity.

Georgia needs a new pro-life group — one that actually wants to save as many lives as possible.


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