Florida is Working

Conservatives are disappointed of late with Governor Rick Scott’s decision about Medicaid, but we should not let it overshadow the fact that he is otherwise doing an excellent job as Governor.


On Tuesday, Gov. Scott gave his state of the state address to the Florida legislature pointing out his agenda has been pro-family, pro-life, and pro-business.

During Charlie Crist’s Governorship, Florida lost 825,500 jobs, but has gained back 200,000 in the two years since Scott got elected.

Unemployment under Charlie Crist rose to 11.1%, but under Scott has fallen to 7.9%, the second largest drop in the country.

Gov. Scott has cut state debt by $2 billion, created a $24 billion trade surplus, and set about revitalizing a battered housing market in the state.

Along the way, Gov. Scott did things Charlie Crist would never do. He signed legislation to prohibit state money paying for abortions, legislation to protect concealed carry permit holders, and legislation to cut property taxes. He also set about reforming Florida’s pension program and started a fight with the ACLU over drug testing welfare recipients.

His governance of Florida is solid. He’s made a mistake on one issue. But I’m proud to support Rick Scott and his re-election effort.


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