Aaron Schock Voted for Massive Tax Increases and Doesn't Want You to Know

Aaron Schock voted for the debt ceiling increase the last time.

He also voted for the McConnell tax hike. Aaron Schock, all along, has been fine with raising taxes as long as he could look like he wasn’t.


A group in Illinois decided to call him out on it. What did Aaron Schock do? He ran to his lawyer crying and the lawyer wrote a letter to television stations demanding they pull the ad.

Well, we won’t pull the ad. The ad is accurate. Aarson Schock voted to raise the debt ceiling and he voted to raise taxes.

You can see the ad for yourself right here.

Republicans are running around now, having done what they did, now seeking absolution and forgiveness. They’re also in denial. Only the GOP sees what they did as somehow being a tax cut. No one else does. We should not let them run from their record.


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