Elspeth Reeve Manufactures More Moral Outrage

A friend sent over this ridiculous piece at the Atlantic, which is increasingly becoming BuzzFeed without the GIFs. The piece is written by Elspeth Reeve and goes high on moral outrage that the “Obamaphone” video is racist.It’s racist, you are a racist, and if you don’t think you are racist or the video is racist, well that’s just further proof you are racist.Elspeth Reeve is outraged.But then Elspeth Reeve has a history of collaborating in manufactured moral outrage directed at the right.Remember the Scott Thomas Beauchamp controversy? Writing at the New Republic, Scott Thomas Beauchamp reported horrific tales of evil American soldier “shock troops” in Iraq. Oh the humanity.Turned out that the story was riddled with factual error and the New Republic declared it could no longer stand by the story.Elspeth Reeve was one of the New Republic’s “fact checkers” and happened to be married to Scott Thomas Beauchamp.But hey!!!! OUTRAGE!!!!! I can’t wait to read her outrage over the Daily Caller’s Obama video.



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