The Recession May Have Been Worse Than He Knew, But The Obama Administration Declared It Over by August 2009


The National Bureau of Economic Research declared the recession over in June of 2009.

By September of 2009, Ben Bernanke was telling folks that based on the numbers the recession “is very likely over.”


On June 17, 2010, the White House declared a summer of recovery.

Today, there are fewer people in the jobs market than any time since September of 1981.

Jobs numbers in June and July were revised downward.

10,000 of the 96,000 jobs created in August came because workers on a strike went back to work.

Barack Obama may have inherited a terrible economy. It may have been worse than he or anyone else knew.

But his government declared it over by mid-2009, his White House declared a Summer of Recovery in 2010, and he has failed, again, to deliver.

This should not be a hard case for Mitt Romney to prosecute.


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