Josh Trevino, RedState Founder, Moves on Up

I’ve long wanted to see Josh in a place like CNN with me, but today’s Transom brings really good and cool news:

Joshua Treviño, a Redstate co-founder who has most recently served as vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation as well as a globetrotting raconteur and avid Twitterer (do not fight with him, as you will lose), will be announced today as a new Columnist for the Guardian and Writer-at-Large for Texas Monthly. This will include regular writing covering American politics for the Guardian, whose global reach is simply astounding—it’s one of the top five news sites in the world.


What’s significant here is that more and more outlets in the traditional media are hiring conservatives from new media because we are winning. The nation, according to Gallup and others, still tilts to the right. And some of the most refreshing voices from the right these days are from well outside Washington, DC — the one place in America most removed from authentic American conservatism.I still remembered the day I read Josh’s post at Tacitus that was the genesis of RedState. I was a miserable lawyer looking for a way out. When I read it, I immediately emailed in to say “count me in.” He did. The rest is, as they say, history.Congrats Josh! Keep winning.


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