The Party That Brought Us Dede Scozzafava Wants to Stop Ann Marie Buerkle

Remember Dede Scozzafava? In 2009, the New York Republican Party tried to foist her on the people of New York. She was a liberal Republican who, with the backing of unions, almost got elected until conservatives stood up and said no. She wound up dropping out and endorsing the Democrat.The same New York GOP that gave us her and spectacularly saw the next several of its preferred congressional picks go down in flames, is now ready to redistrict one of the most conservative women in Congress out of Congress because, well, she is willing to stand up to her own party on spending.Dan McLaughlin pointed out back in 2009 that the New York Republican Party has a habit of being tone deaf when it comes to its political preferences. It seems nothing has changed.Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle is widely considered one of the most, if not the most, conservative women in Congress. She is a darling of the Club for Growth and of pro-life groups. The New York Senate Republicans, however, don’t like that she is willing to vote against pork for New York, so they’ve redistricted her into a hostile district.


Tom Dadey, the Chairman of the Onondaga Republican Party, supports Buerkle and noted to the Daily Caller “that unlike other state representatives, Buerkle did not hire lobbyists to plead her case to the state legislature on redistricting, nor did she donate to the campaigns of Republican state legislators, while other members of the New York delegation ‘contributed heavily.'”Congressman Jim Jordan, the leader of House conservatives as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, tells me, “Ann Marie Buerkle has my wholehearted support in her race for Congress, regardless of which district that may be. Congresswoman Buerkle is one of the most fiscally conservative female members of the House and it is imperative that she continue her work of lowering taxes, reducing spending, and limiting the role of the federal government.”Other conservatives should pay attention.


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