The Ryun Boys Approach 40

One of my favorite organizations in the conservative movement is American Majority. In fact, I’m pleased that American Majority is going to partner with us for the RedState Gathering this year instead of just being a sponsor. They’ll be with us in Jacksonville, FL the whole time helping with registration, providing extended training sessions, etc. The grassroots training the group offers up is second to none — and I say that having been to lots of training sessions from lots of groups designed for grassroots activists.American Majority has a companion political action organization called American Majority Action. While American Majority trains conservatives to run for office and trains grassroots activists to get their candidates elected, American Majority Action actually puts its money into the game to get good conservatives elected.American Majority is run by Ned Ryun and American Majority Action by Drew Ryun. Ned, I believe, is the oldest of the twins, but Drew for sure acts the oldest.In any event, I occasionally wish good conservative fighters happy birthday on the front page and today the Ryun boys turn 39. Happy birthday to both. Keep up the fight.




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