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I have varied thoughts on varied matters this morning and have a busy day with some family stuff, so I’m just going to bullet point some issues here and the Morning Briefing can fill out most of the stuff.I merely quoted Sarah Palin on Friday. She told Jake Tapper the end of September was her drop dead date. I have never seen so much vitriol from the supporters of one candidate for merely noting that the candidate herself said September was her drop dead date. She apparently told others she might take till October. But she herself said September was her “drop dead date.” For the past 72 hours, Sarah Palin’s most ardent supporters have been beating the hell out of me on twitter for lying. All I did was quote the woman. Some are also attacking Jake Tapper claiming he put those words in her mouth. Actually, the exchange was on tape and it was all Sarah Palin. This may be the first time I’ve ever been attacked for quoting someone accurately (Editor’s note: I had said “quoting a candidate accurately,” but then she missed her own “drop dead date” to become a candidate, didn’t she?!).The Washington Post is furious that Rick Perry’s dad used a piece of land to hunt on that had a big rock up near a gate that had the N-word on it. I can’t really tell what they are furious about. Rick Perry’s dad painted over the N-word. At one point they turned the rock over. The seven people who saw the rock knew it wasn’t the Perry family’s doing. What an ironic juxtaposition — the man who wants to let the brown kids into our schools on subsidy and wants to build a trans-national highway from Mexico to Canada hates the black kids or something. I hear Rick Perry once uttered gesundheit after someone sneezed. Maybe he is a closet Nazi too and all those black people and hispanic people he appointed to powerful positions in Texas were all smoke and mirrors.Herman Cain jumped into the fray on the Perry attack expressing moral outrage or something. I think he might have been doing his impression of Al Sharpton in the level of outrage he was willing to drum up to be outraged over what Hugh Hewitt called a “drive by slander.” Maybe he should have been outraged at the reporter for the hit job instead of at Rick Perry for Perry’s daddy painting over a racial slur.If the Washington Post is going to attack Rick Perry for his daddy painting over a racial slur and the paint fading over time, I hope the Romney campaign is ready to batten down the hatches when the Washington Post levels a broadside over Mormonism’s late embrace of black people. You know they will do it. The Washington Post goes into the sewer every chance it gets to whip up racial division to benefit Barack Obama.Speaking of Barack Obama, he wants Congress to take up the jobs bills. But he’s failing to point out that the Senate Democrats don’t have the votes. That’s right. The Democrats do not have enough Democrat votes.Lastly, supposedly we’ll know today whether or not Chris Christie just might get in the race. If not, like Sarah Palin, the buzz will continue until we get the Iowa Caucuses and he’s not there. We’ll also hear some buzz about Mike Huckabee reconsidering. I think it is too late for anyone else to get in now. They may still. But only Huckabee and Palin would have a pre-existing base of support to draw from. Still, even for them I think it would be late. And besides, can we all just go on and admit that Chris Christie’s actual record is a far cry from the rhetorical record that gives conservatives a tingle up their leg?I’m going back to bed now.




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